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    LOL Did Zesto rope?

    He can't speak even Japanese and is too lazy to learn.
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    It's Over Biggest suicidefuel of my life

    Sorry to read that bro. Are you MSTOW or Serge's whitepill now?
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    LOL Did Zesto rope?

    I haven't heard back from him from his trip to Japan. Is he still an incel? I browsed looksmax, and they were making fun of him. I saw his other pics and side profile. :mexicanhalfjew::mexicanhalfjew: JLF at him thinking that Japs will go crazy for his non existent chin and cheekbones...
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    Serious Was this whole site just a massive troll on Zesto, and Leucosticte is the mastermind?

    First you guy supported Zesto, said how mods are shit, and said that Zesto is a chad that will slay in Japan. Now, you "doxxed" Zesto, kicked him off his own site, and say he will still be an incel in Japan. Is this a top ten anime betrayal saga? Poor dude. He was really invested in...
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    LOL @ you retards doxxing yourselves, and then blaming others

    Here is a selfie of me. Pls don't repost and doxx me ok sweeeties. Oooohhhhh shit, I said I wasn't gonna post here anymore ok bye.
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    Soy I'm leaving this forum

    Basically browsing and similar forums for the past 3 months have had a negative effect on my psyche. It made me more depressed and unproductive. So, I'm gonna leave. So see yeah, hope you'll the best! :lolicool::lolicool: >inb4 see you tomorrow
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    kointo cum in my ass daddy

    What's your patreon qtie? I wanna donate.
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    i would literally spear and castrate every single member on here to get with a female (of below quality stock)

    Betraying your incel brothers over thots smh :yagami::yagami::yagami:
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    Take the Junglepill

    Based and :blackpill:
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    Serious Autogynephilia

    The cure is electroshock therapy.
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    Ragefuel My Discord Account Has Been Disabled

    and horses
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    Ragefuel My Discord Account Has Been Disabled

    The battle rages on.