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    What anime should I watch?

    Death Note
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    Weebpilled tactical gear

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    Weebfuel Check out new weeb style

    Needs more contrast imo the pinkpill color is kinda dull. Maybe add red or yellow or something, we need the colors to burn into he retina's of any of the guests to attract them here.
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    What was the first whiff of 2D you got? If you can remember it?

    Dragon ball and pokemon, but at the time I only knew them as "Chinese cartoons".
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    LifeFuel Now more than ever b4 we have so much data about foids

    Going under the knife is the only option. A foid will never truly love you unless you look like chad.
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    Is rhis the toilet

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    Serious Let's talk Leucosticte V2

    Has there ever been more than 2 foids here at the same time?
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    ever wondered what its like for a normie to live with a foid ?

    No clue my cousin had a gf once apparently but she left him. But he described the usual things like, "She turned controlling" etc.
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    studying hookers

    Tbh escorts are dumb. If you lost attraction to 3D you have ascended.
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    If you could stop time for 24hours, what would you do??

    I would probably try to steal loads of money, though it depends if I can move around things or is it just me who can move around.
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    would you stomp on a puppy for 1million

    Hmm... I guess not.
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    Can we just give girls like a one-month grace period before we kick them off?

    I consider cucktears as a "Incel-esque" site. What I mean is most of the people coming here are already aware of incel "culture", so foids who come here already know about incels. If they were actually willing to date a incel they probably already would of.