Suicidefuel 31+ unsuccessful orbiting attempts and rejections and still counting!


Youngcel Administrator, 2/10 Black KHHV
Failed attempt= Orbiting
1 - (Kayla) - good failed attempt
2 - (Layla)- brutal
3 - (Rach)- She's my oneitis
4 -(Lorena)
5 -(Allison)- good failed attempt
6 -(Skylar M)- very brutal, called me gay
7 -(Skylar B)
8 -(Gryffin)
9 - (Maddie)
10 -(Hannah)
11 -(Kate)
12 -(Kate M)
13 -(Abby)
14 -(Molly)
15 -(Emily) -bad failed attempt
16 -(Emily 2) -bad failed attempt
17 -(Constance)- friends, was going to date my friend
18 -(Cele) - good failed attempt
19 -(Nadia) - good failed attempt
20 -(Alli) - good failed attempt
21 -(Angela)
22- (Reese)
23- (Blakely)
24- Allora- good failed attempt
26-Chloe Y- very brutal
28-Zainab- pleasant rejection, mainly because of religion
29 -(Twitter Friend)- pleasant rejection
30- Kaylee - good failed attempt
31- Jamie
All of my unsuccessful orbiting attempts, friendzones, and rejections. Most of them were the former and not even friends.

*I'm not suicidal btw just a figure of speech

I want to just fucking die. It's all over. It never began.
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Women have easy access to 18 different forms of birth control.

You are now being denied sexual access to women who can’t figure out how to avoid pregnancy.

They consider you warned.

I consider you blessed."