Ragefuel Currys have no business working as coders


I know in the incel circles they are pittied for being ugly and short.

But all they do is spread fake non working
Low grade false POS tutorials. They should just clean toilets cause they arent capable to more than that.

Anyone who studies coding in any language knows i am right. Those spammers take up all the top search results with their worthless scams. I guess they are born stupid. Only reason nature kept them arround is their remarkable ability to eat garbage and those recycle it.


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
The fuck does that even mean?
If you reword the statement as, "There should be no incels working as coders," the statement is technically true as long as there are no incels in the universe. When the gfbot is complete, and all men have pussy (whether robotic or otherwise), then finally there will be no incel coders.