Blackpill Daily Reminder

Daily reminder that the main admin of was the biggest sex haver on the site, and 13cuck was also a sexhaver

And a newfag retard-cuck incels.cope shill was modded instead of a known user who's been using incel forums since late 2017

And Leu is now trying to brag about having sex, and also somehow thought that we made a "gentleman's agreement" when in reality I just always wanted to be a mod to ban everyone cause the sites are beyond cucked

And RegisterUsername thinks I'm low IQ regardless of the fact that I have his IP address while he only has VPN IP addresses of mine, then comes at me with a COMPLETE discord-edgelord dumbass circlejerk with a ton of bluepill sprinkle tossed in

And you can't register on the actually alive controlled opposition site

Why would I expect ANY site for the most controversial hierarchy breaking ideology on the planet to not be controlled opposition, and full of bluepilled NPCs like register?



yeah I pretended to be blackpilled to join .co, I just wanted to spread my hate for foids, I was always redpilled
tho I only fucked escorts, and got one kiss after betabuxing 2 dates with a chick from work that I dumped cause she had armpit hair.