Serious I feel delusional for thinking I'm a chad since I've had sex 5 times


Towncel Alt
I've had sex 3 times with my previous girlfriend and 2 times with my new one, who's more attractive especially in the body and she is more submissive, the sex is amazing but not what a permavirgin would expect, it can obviously be totally heavenly pleasure but I'm not sure about if it will be for me. There's many girls out there so if you approach a TON then eventually some will like you, might be a disappointment to incels here to hear someone's getting laid but yeah it's just true.

I've been rejected 12 times and got 2 accepts, here's a video of me and my second girlfriend talking about our homework, and full proof that she's my girlfriend: https://www.yout

Sex just happens boyos, there's nothing to it, and it happens a TON, don't lose hope even if you're ugly and looksmax as much as you can. Femoid standards aren't ridicilously high especially if they're horny at the time.