I feel so weird today


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
I wish Dahlia were around; even though she's not a very fun chick I just like to have some girl around I can do some sexual banter with, even if she's so tied down to her job and so broken-hearted from her relationship with Egon not working out, that she's not actually all that available. What Do Women Want? They Have No Idea (Sexually Unavailable for Unexplained Reasons)

The way this day all started out was, I didn't put a water jug in front of the door last night to hold it closed, so the cat nudged the door open and went to sleep on my bed, and I was woken up like a dozen or more times by fellow members of my family moving about in the house, talking, etc. I kept waking up in the middle of a dream, and thinking, "I hope my cat doesn't spread parasites to me that it got from the woods," etc.

So now I'm in this weird state of feeling kinda physically rested yet my mind isn't totally all there, like I have half my faculties but not all of them, plus I kinda want to fuck Dahlia (if she would quit talking about Egon, geez; talk about a beta widow ) but she's not here.

I just get the feeling that I'm gonna come home from work one day and trip on something in the hallway, and be like, "What's this proton pack doing here" and then open the door to the bedroom and see Egon humping her with his glasses lying on my bedside table, and I'll be like, "Dahlia! How could you!"

Psyche, that would never happen, I don't have any workplace that I go to, because I'm neet af