I hate office parties


had an office party today cause some old guy had a Bday.
had to stand in a hall way the size of 3 toilets with 3 foids that wont fuck me and 5 co workers
the NPCs insisted I eat a cake and drink booz

I refused and they unpacked the usual NPC lines :

come on it's just once in a while
you only live once
don't you like it ?
I like it with redbull I like to mix it with XL

some SIMP made the usual aren't you too young to drink comments at a roastie that drank.
had to appear like a normie and puke, happy birth day at the guy.


Towncel Alt
I hate parties in general.

"no no no stupid incels, the reason you're treated badly at parties is because you're autistic and don't talk to people"