LDAR I thought a lot how to LDAR


the 4th workcunt so far has kissed her inferior BF in front of my face.
I got so pissed I took 5 days of as sick leave. but I didn't want to just level up my knowledge and workout.

I wanted to LDAR :

pokemon moon ? no too repetitive and time consuming
hollow knight ? its new but its too old style of a game
MK11 ? nope, I don't feel like studying move lists and getting only cock teased by cassie cage
destiny child mobile game ? too stupid of a game, without any logical nerratives

so I decided to go with tantei seven. improve my jap + enjoy anime whores that treat me like chad
Yeah, LDAR is the best choice for us incels, I need to play some games and watch TV on my laptop at the same time, hard to figure out what to play/watch though.