Pedopill I watched a casting couch interview of some blond roastie


Jan 18, 2019
they asked her how old was she when she started fucking, she said 14.
they asked how would it happen ?
she said, it was guys from her social circle, and school, she would go to parties
and during those parties she would give this special eye contact signal to the guy that they are going to fuck.
they asked how many guys has she fucked so far and she said over 10.

what do I think about this ?

foids like to put this elusion of if you just court them and be social you could fuck her.
foids for some reason wont fuck the superior guy, they like the degenerate. I should have fucked an escort when I was her age
they are all prostitutes, and to hell with their retarded list of requirments, to hell with that long path and hope to get lucky
fuck luck !

its all about the cheat codes ! escorts, dolls and bots. all those guys just had a turn on an escort.
let her father suffer the pain of raising a ruined worthless meat hole, let the cucks sink in debt, let her sin in cats and STDs