In prison, there was a "Creative Imaginations Program (CIP)"


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Where you could get program credit for playing Dungeons & Dragons. Basically, a lot of the prisoners already spent most of their time playing Dungeons & Dragons, and they wanted to have an indoor recreation area set aside for their D&D games, and also accumulate credits that would count toward getting their custody points down so they could eventually get transferred to a lower-security prison. So they successfully campaigned to get D&D officially recognized by the prison officials as a rehabilitative activity. Another benefit of this was that the dice they used no longer counted as contraband; instead of having to make dice out of soap or whatever, they could get real dice.

Anyway, pretty much all the people in the program were sex offenders, so people used to joke that the acronym "CIP" really stood for "Child Internet Predators". People also used to say, "If they're going to get program credits for that, I should get program credits for masturbating, because that involves creative imaginings too."

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