Serious will eventually die and so will Anti-Incel communities


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Because of knajjd and Sarge's tyranny. People clearly hate them and I won't give up! I was able to get my Twitter friends on our side and Inquisitor might side with us. I will never give up. I will never give in. I will fight the enemy and slay it. It's time to put finally put this incel shit down for good. They all hate Judas Sarge joining with Non Sequitor. They just don't have anywhere to escape. IncelTears will burn and fold when incels aren't relevant anymore. Normies and men are waking up. I hereby declare war.....

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I don't if will die but I do think that it will continue to decline in popularity and that other sites to become viable alternatives to it. I also think that there will always be some anti-incels around.


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#6 will die off
in a couple years incel sites in general will die off, and the users that are friends with other users will stay in touch of course
These things take decade long increments. Alanas derivative boards were dominant for a decade, then for a decade, now the Reddit derivative forums. We are on the third arc, the Reddit derivatives. The arc should end between now and 2027 imo.

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I think we can surpass their site.
they are banning people left and right, just a matter of time before they become irrelevant