Intro to the Weebpill, Blackpilled Otakus and Forum Rules

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Dec 5, 2018
Introduction to Blackpilled Otakus and the Weebpill

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What is a Blackpilled Otaku?

We are people who identify ourselves as otakus. What distinguishes us from your typical otaku is that we do not tolerate political correctness, or bluepilled ideology/white knighting of any sort. We unashamedly love our waifus, lolis, harems, ecchi, yuri, etc... We do not care what society thinks, that they say our anime is "objectifying women" or is "misogynistic." This society has rejected us and so we embrace otaku society.

What is the Weebpill?

The weebpill is the embracing of otaku culture by men frustrated with how much the west has degenerated. The west does not serve the needs of men like us like otaku culture does, which gives us our waifus, lolis, anime, manga, and videogames to help us cope. So we turn our back on western culture and way of life and fully embrace weebism.

What is the Blackpill?

In general the blackpill is an ideology that professes success for men is heavily dependent on looks, and this has effects in all facets of life from personal relationships to business opportunities. In addition to this, the blackpill is also an unabashed world view that is completely uncensored in it's perception of how the world truly operates.

This site is thus for Blackpilled Otakus and is a community where we may speak our mind freely and acknowledge the unpleasant realities of the nature of the world, especially through the lens of our anime and manga.

What is the Bluepill?

The bluepill is in another words normie ideology. Blackpilled Otakus are not normies/NPCs. We do not tolerate normies that would cringe looking at our sexualized lolis or our hentai.


1. Bluepilled Ideology is explicitly forbidden

2. Content in violation of US law is not allowed on this site

3. Bullying of other users is forbidden, this site is a no-bulli zone.

4. Worship of western women is forbidden (Worship 2D, Hapa, and Eastern Asian women all you want)

5. Trolling and Spam is not allowed.

6. No low-effort posts allowed in Weebpilled Discussion

7. No posts promoting gay coping and homosexuality

8. No ER discussion (ER praise is okay but not talk of personal plans)

By posting here you are in agreement with both our rules and our ideology.
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