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Dec 5, 2018
Part 1 - Some of the best music ever released in anime. Classic city-pop style (doesn't get any better). Amazing character designs as well, good story and characters. The only flaw is that the background animation sucks (though the stills are great). 9.5/10 (compared to Akira which the movie is a lot like which has it all and is a 10/10).

Part 2 - Way too violent. And not the good kind either. In the first OVA it was more like fighting for survival and the deaths were brutal. Here they're fighting with a smile on their face and it's really lame. Think the tone of the Berserk manga to Berserk 2016. The music is good but not as good as the 1st. The character designs declined. I don't like Shogos red hair, Yui looks like a long midfaced femcel and gross without her blue hair. EVE however is still perfect. The sex scene was also really good (just like the 1st movie) despite being ruined by Yui's redesign. I imagine that's how ascending's going to be like for me. 6/10.

Part 3 - Really boring. Had a few good moments but I don't think it was a good idea to replace the main cast from the first film. They didn't have to start over the way they did, it could've been about Shogo joining E-X and the new city, Eden after they arrive on Earth. The new guy is a toothpick compared to Shogo. He's supposed to be an ex-hacker punk but comes across as boring straight-laced beta nice guy. The music also took another hit from the second movie. 5.5/10

Part 4 - Much better than the last one. Decent fights and really good battle animation. The return of EVE made this movie. The ending really pissed me off and I don't accept a certain character is supposed me one of the originals. The music is vastly improved and approaches the quality of the 1st movie. 6.5/10

I'd recommend watching the 1st movie and if you really liked it then you have to see the rest but be prepared for a quality dip. I'd say none of them were not worth watching despite that and the last movie redeems the franchise.