our personalities kind of suck, and i think we can't really improve it


cucks always send us crap like "get a better personality" , and i think it's true some of us have shitty "personalities", a lot of us have poor social skills, lot of us have anger issues and feel envy, loneliness and hatred all the time. a lot of us have social anxiety and try to approach random people in hope to feel the loneliness, we get nervous and says something stupid and people laugh on us.
cucks like to say it's our "fault" that we are in this situation, even the concept of "fault" doesn't make sense to me any-more, "is it our fault that we are in this situation", "its societies fault?" or "it's our genes fault" , i don't even know if it's mater, i'm stuck on a bad situation and doesn't matter how much i try to self improve i feel like i'm going no where.
even the concept of "personality" doesn't make a whole lot of sense "personality" is just how people perceive us based on our actions, and we take our own actions based on our current emotions, stress levels and the information we have at hands.
if people could read each other minds and have a complete understanding over somebody emotions, we would probably see that personalities are nothing but results of random actions we take based on our own current situation, but for or monkey brain is easier to just sum up as "he is a cool guy" or "he is a asshole".

we always think "i wish i could go back time and made a different choice" , but we would probably had made the same decisions because we couldn't see the consequences of our actions either because of lack of information or because of our desperation or stupidity.


Incels often develop toxic perspnalities due to all rejections and failures in life.
true, if my life was a bit better i would probaly be the popular guy everybody wants to be friends with

but my life is just failure after rejection after failure, therefore my personality is ultra toxic