Parent tried to commit me somewhere


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My father tried to force his way into a meeting with a psychiatrist, which he was successful with. He then launched into a torrent of negativity about my life in my situation, framing everything in a way that could best have me involuntarily put somewhere.

I then just spoke very clearly to the psychiatrist about how I don't meet the legal requirements for involuntary commitment. The psychiatrist got angry because she was power-tripping, and said something that amounted to "I can do whatever I want". But she later agreed with me (there really was no basis).

However, because psych patients have few rights, I have many things prepared in case I get a petition or order from a psych/parent to go involuntarily in the hospital or group home etc including:
- an advanced directive
- a pre-written habeus corpus request (a request to the court to release me based on not meeting the legal requirements)
- a law packet for a court hearing
- pre-written lawsuits for any hospitals, petitioners or psychiatrists involved for malpractice, invasion of privacy, false imprisonment, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, disability-based harassment, and violation of my civil rights (adjustable depending on the circumstances, but this will likely be the cluster of illegal things they will do to me if involuntarily admitted)

My parents seems to be less inclined to put me somewhere since I've dramatically ramped up the amount I help around the house and making them food.
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It's not all that hard to keep from getting committed if you haven't self-harmed or anything like that.