People want you to suffer instead of killing yourself

You are cheating the system by killing yourself when your life is shit, instead of having to face consequences of your actions/genetics you just escape and nobody will be able to do anything after that.

The guards will prevent inmates from killing themselves in prison, the want them to suffer.

If you are incel your situation is unlikely to improve, females will just keep raising your standards so the odds of escaping it will be almost zero.

In the unkikely event you get laid it will not be with a female you are attracted to.


but us being incels is an artificial state caused by a few crazy pieces of shit sitting in power sits.
without said pieces off shit attraction would be based on looks, power, money, health, wisdom, skills, and pussy would
have been much more fairly distributed.

it's not really that we are ugly, but more like, the foids of today are attracted to tall fags with big chins, a criminal record, tattoos
, drug users, and retarded singers.

the root cause of this is the cucks ability to form groups and work together to oppress us superior men.
nature would take care of this naturally, by living only said retards to breed, they wont be able to survive eventually.

but another solution is getting red black pilled and also dollbotAIpilled. by cutting of their gravy train they would collapse
on their own.