Serious petition to permaban vanity fairee

permaban vanityfairee

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cases like VF
Carly Ellison

here she is in comments

she trolls every redpill channel possible.

carly Ellison, she has been trolling :redpill: for a decade now she just won't stop. only way to stop a carly Ellison is to perma ban her.
they just drip :bluepill: and try to get beta resources : from advice to money in return for nothing but an EMPTY promiss of pussy.

they just ban her from their channels, and have a peaceful place to draw solution together .for the foid problem


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
fukurou loves Vanity so much he wants to build an AI of her so she can live forever, because he's her number one fan. If she got injured in an accident, he would be nursing her back to health like this: