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Just eat shit your whole life, bro | Incels - Involuntary Celibacy Discussion

dude just don't go to university, unless they have something that you actually want to learn.
like electric engeeniring if you want to know how chips work and make robotic copes.

or study app dev here for free, or some short course like prepping related, or study a language
to insult the roastie that tried to friendzone you.

had I known back then I would have quite school at like 4th grade, and focused on universal simple skills when
young like : languages, muay thai, and wilderness survival, and cooking, then start to study a profession earlier while
working and making money younger.
I feel like everyone on that site are underaged normies in denial, there is no way some incels are having discussions with attractive foids, LOL, get that shit out of here. I hate weeb foids they are so cringy and chink worshipping, only males handle anime culture with class and finesse. I watch anime, but NEVER say dumb anime phrases IRL or go to cosplau bullshit conventions. People who act like anime characters should be culled.