Seasonal anime thread


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I think it would be nice to have a thread to discuss whatever seasonal anime we are following as the episodes get released. Just post about whatever you're watching and give some impressions about the episode.
It can also be used to give recommendations.
Good website to follow releases:
I'm personally following the new season of SAO, JoJo and Karakuri Circus.


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Gonna revive this thread to talk about whatever I'm watching this season.
First episode of Boogiepop wa Warawanai
I'm not entirely sure if I like this or not, because I'm not even sure what this series is even about. The episode was kind of lifeless, not much happened aside from a bunch of exposition and it left me with more questions than answers (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Its a prequel from a 2000's anime, but I haven't watched the original aside from some random parts on tv so I'm basically going in fresh.
Anyway even though I didn't like it that much it still kept my interests and I enjoy this kind of supernatural stuff so I'll give it a couple of episodes more.



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So I'm back here to talk more about the seasonal shit I'm watching
Pretty cool anime based on a 70's manga about a blind, mute and deaf guy fighting demons along a little kid. The animation thus far is good, I hope they keep it that way.

The Promised Neverland:
Its about some kids raised on an orphanage they aren't allowed to leave. There's a twist at the end of the episode that reveals why.
I haven't read the manga, but I have heard good things about it. The first episode was pretty good and does a nice job at building up the mistery.

Mob Psycho II
This is my shit. The animation is a beautiful as ever, Reigen is one of the best anime characters ever and episode 2 already has some top tier fight scenes. Probably going to end up as my favorite anime of the season, if not of the year.

and finally Ueno-San
it isn't really that good, its just about a girl trying to get an extremely dense guy to do some experiments that usually involve shit like taking her panties or smelling her socks. Basically she obviously wants his dick but he doesn't realize.
The only saving grace its the cute art style and the fact that it only lasts for 15 minutes.


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Aside from that Boogiepop first arc just ended.
I dig the style of the anime in which the same episode got told from different perspectives and the viewer needs to put the pieces in place, like a puzzle. But its still kind of dull, I just hope the next arc is a bit more enganging-