So what do you think about Jeffrey Epstein



We already know how this is gonna play out; there's probably gonna be a plea deal where the government agrees, he gets to spend the rest of his life in a Federal Medical Center. Basically, since he's kinda old, 66-yo, specifically, he'll probably fake some kind of illness/disability, so he can qualify for placement in a facility where most of the population is in wheelchairs, or on crutches, etc. and therefore doesn't present much of a threat to a child molester or whatever they would consider him to be. He'll pay someone some money to move out of their two-man cell, and move in there, and spend $300/month or however much the limit is these days, on commissary items and whatnot.

He's not going to live too bad of a life. They have pretty decent food in those places, and he'll be safe and comfortable. He won't have stuff like Internet access, I guess, but he can probably keep up with the news by subscribing to newspapers, magazines, etc. and spending time in the library. He'll have to write out his letters by hand, I guess, rather than sending emails, which kinda sucks; and he won't have sexual access to teen girls anymore; but oh well. He had a good run. He probably fucked more teens than a lot of guys do during his time.

Bottom line is, he's probably not going to get stabbed with a shank in retribution for anything he did.
Jul 11, 2019
He is an evil kike piece of shit. I was thinking recently of how normies let rich jews and poor muslims rape their precious daughters, but if an incel asks them out for a date, he will be arrested for sexual harrasment, I guess I am jealous that these kikes have so much power and so much control over society yet an incel like me gets nothing. Very evil society, normies are terrible parents, they should be having abortions, not having children, because they let their children get molested by freaks.