So what do you think of Andrew Yang?


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He wants to give everyone $1,000/month as a basic income. I think if he's going to do that, he should only give it to men, so that women will still depend on men financially, as much as possible. Let's say that Chad is getting $1,000 in neetbuxx, and so are four neetcels. Let's say there are also five chicks who want some of that neetbuxx. The neetcels are in a better position to get some of that pussy if those girls aren't also getting $1,000 of neetbuxx of their own to live on.

What I think we may end up seeing is the rise of a class of quasi-neetcels, who girls will fuck for maybe like a month just to get pregnant, and then go off and have that kid, and take a chunk of that guy's neetbuxx in child support while she goes off to fuck Chad.

Anyway, here's his proposal. What is Universal Basic Income? - Andrew Yang for President If you like his ideas, or just like the meme potential, go ahead and donate $1 to his campaign to help him get into the debates; he needs $65,000 to secure a slot. DNC announces fundraising, polling thresholds for early debates

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UBI does work as long as children don't get any like those of single moms or any of that type of well fare.
as long as their kids starve they will think twice about fucking tyrone and prostitution will be higher quality for
sane prices.


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I love how Elon Musk and Bill Gates are off the radar, I'd especially like to see them fail/be forced to give away many billions, just like other privileged STEM cucks.