Societal expectation on women are harmful to both women and society


boomers expected their daughters to enrols in college "either by the boomer accumulating money to pay for it, or she getting into tons of debt", and after that to she to wage slave herself, this detrimental to the women that will not be able to handle the stress of wage slaving and be depressed because she is using her fertilely years to give shekels to some CEO instead of doing her biological role of having and taking cares of kids.
and if a foids fail this, they will fell guilt like they are a failure putting even more pressure on them, all this pressure lead to their erratic behaviour of fucking chads and not wanting kids till she is 35 and have no pair bonding ability left.
meanwhile society also collapses as there isn't enough kids being made and simply fall down until the society despair and are replaced by something else.