Announcement SuperCheatBros will be unbanned no later than December 2019

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Hebephebophilic レイプcel
The fuck did he do?
It's complicated, there'll be a post at the time he's unbanned, in which I'll lay out the situation as I perceive it, and invite him to say what he wants in response. And then hopefully we can put it behind us, and not have any more bans of him. I will admit that the first time I banned him (over the Sardonyx situation) was kind of bullshit, but that was back when we were still trying to figure out what our approach was going to be with regard to foids. And VanityFairee was another learning experience.

By the way, is the only incel site that actually lets users have a say in unbanning people by saying "Free so-and-so" and having their votes be counted.


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
I changed the voting procedure, now it's a month off his sentence for everyone who says "free him" in this thread

So since his sentence was six months, if six people say "free him" he goes free immediately

(The old procedure was confusing people, so I had to start the vote over with a new method)


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Free him I guess, even though I don't know him well.