Suicidefuel TFW she won't be your gf even after you threaten to end your own life

I offered to go over there and do the honorable thing. I was willing to wait until then.

And that THING just turns around and condemns other THINGS by saying that they don't go for their looksmatches.

No self-awareness. No self-awareness whatsoever. These things just want the top 20 percentile of men. No exception.

I'm done with that place. It's over.


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
Let's continue this on .is

(if there's anything left to continue that is)

I don't want those things to see this.
Hmm maybe I really should've left it as a truecels site. So what are you gonna do now, sui or .... just hang around, go to Brazil, try to find some chick who'll do what she won't?