Blackpill The Romantic Bluepill: Personality and Confidence Completely DEBUNKED


Youngcel Administrator, 2/10 Black KHHV
Life is all a lie. The “normies” all believe in bluepilled fantasies. They don’t know the hard truth about life, like abuse, sadness, and love. No, they are all worshipping idols-or celebrities and living fulfilled rich lives, while me and my dad experience multiple years of abuse.

They all say the same thing about love like scripted NPCs:

  1. It’s your personality
  2. Be more confident
  3. Groom a little bit
  4. Just approach them and talk to them

This is all bullshit. Here’s something from personal experience:
I’m a super wizard KHHV virgin and sub 4/10 in looks. Let’s compare me to the other guys in my 3rd Block from last semester:

Charlie- Gigachad, sub 9/10 ----COMPLETE SLAYER
Marquette- Tyrone, sub 7/10
Chris Jaconez- Chadlite (or Normie), sub 7/10
Cadence- Normie, sub 6/10
Josiah- Nearcel, sub 4-5/10
Shaun- Normie, sub 6/10
Harrison- Normie (potential Chadlite), sub 7/10
Tyler- Normie (potential Chadlite), sub 7/10
Aiden- Chadlite, sub 7/10

I got completely ghosted by the girls, while Skylar and Katherine are dripping wet when they are around Chris. Chris has a good looking face and decent jawline. But he is no match for Gigachadlie Coons. Charlie annihilates the competition with his superior jaw shape, good hair, slender eyes, and face symmetry. He’s dated Carly and gets female attention in the class. He’s dated more than 8 girls.

The Tyronequette gets female attention as well. He face, frame, and status mogs all of the blacks and most of the whites in the entire class. He gets female attention easily and has someone like ginger Sammy drip wet for his BBC. Even nearcel Josiah can at least somewhat be friendly and talk to them. On the other hand, the Virgin(me) gets ghosted and can’t even talk to them. And funnily enough, Ian actually gets hostility from the girls despite him looking better than the Virgin(me) by 1-2 points subjectively, but he’s a nerdy type.

Every time i’ve tried to pursue a girl, this happens:
  • Already have a boyfriend
  • They sneak-friend zoned me
  • They are Bisexual or Lesbian

But the worst thing of all is when my friends swoon her before I do. I constantly brutally get mogged and cucked by my friends. They all look better than me and have better status.

Girls say they care about personality, but that’s not true. The halo effect is real.

CASE #2: Low Tier God

Low Tier God is literally almost a Giga-Tyrone (take note of this later)

But….he’s an asshole.
Everytime someone beats him in a game, he gets pissed off and blocks/kicks/ban them for no reason and talk shit. And he CONSTANTLY rage quits. He is on another level of anger and salt. But, he has a girlfriend and fanboys that follow him regardless of his actions.
Low Tier God has a terrible personality, but yet has had multiple girlfriends. He got dumped in 2016 and now has another one….
He’s even a lolcow and like DSP, has a cult following of trolls, but yet normies attack you for being ugly and incel.

CASE #3: Phil Burnell/DarksydePhil

He’s a sub 5/10 in looks, a failed normie (lookswise he’s a normie).
Like I said earlier, he has a cult following of trolls. He can diet and do some looksmaxxing and move up on the scale easily by 1-2 pts. DSP gets salty and is a dumbass when it comes to playing video games, but can still score some hot hapa pussy despite his average to below average looks and his very bad history in the FGC. Even though he got cucked by Tyrone (allegedly), he was able to bounce back and get another girlfriend.

^ His new girlfriend

CASE #4: Various Murderers

Girls have fawned over Ricky Ramirez (1st one) and sent him love letters despite the fact that he was an unapologetic serial killer and rapist. He even raped old women and he was still fawned over by them. He has good jaw game and eyes.

Cruz gunned down a school and beaten Klebold and Harris’s record and he got love letters, too. He’s a failed nearcel normie with bad ears.

Klebold and Harris were the Colombine guys and became an heroes… They are dead and girls still worship them, in fact 2 girls tried to replicate the 1999 massacre AT THEIR SCHOOL.

Dylan is a 6/10 and Eric is 7/10. Eric can easily looksmaxx and become Chad. And Dylan can looksmaxx to Chadlite status.
life is a complete and utter meme. This is what men that support women in the fight against toxic men don't understand. Women might say they hate toxic men, but they'll get dicked down by those same toxic men instead of feminist allies.