There is something realy strange going on.

Apr 14, 2019
I have noticed this my whole life.

There can be two equal ugly guys, but one will get treated better, while the other gets ignored continously, even if both are equaly ugly. It is far complexer than only the halo effect , there is something very complex onconsciously going on in the proces of judging one men as good and friendly and the other as bad.

I dont know what it is, but some people have some kind of aura around them, some kind of energy that attracts people to them even if they are very ugly. They dont have to say much but somehow they always get treated good and somehow everything goes for them the right way. It is as if they are destined to live a great life, or as if their fate blocks any negativity or bad treatment in their life.

And the situation im talking about has nothing to do with looks. Because i have always compared two equal ugly men with each other. There is some other deciding factor than halo effects / lookism. Something strange. It is difficult to explain.

And it also has nothing to do with one being more talented or better in other things. In fact when i compared the men (my friends) the one who was more talented , or was more social got much less respect then the other. The other might have even been uglier if i think now about it.

Has any of you noticed this? Where some people get treated better, despite the halo effect not being the deciding factor or talent?


Staff member
Dec 13, 2018
The halo effect of not giving a shit TEMPORARILY raises your SMV.

Additional points for also being gymcel on top of that.