Suicidefuel Those fuckers are having a party and we arent invited !!!

Average women of 2019.

Wears yoga pants everywhere.

Gets mad when approached by UGLY guy.

Ready to be a side-chick to chad.

Men below 7 are invisible.

Feminist only around UGLY guys.

Hates trump on social media but likes when chad wears MAGA hat while she's sucking him.

Goes to college only because nothing else to do.

Thinks soyboy is obligated to do her assignments and projects.

Feels positive around chad's. And is afraid of been around UGLY.

Feels proud when fucked by entire college football team, even if they lose.

Gets angry when asked about sex life.

Searches for good men after hitting the wall.

Wont let her husband call "My wife" and demands to be called "The wife".

Gets happy when chad calls her "my dirty little slut".

Eye contact by an UGLY men is rape.

Has DADDY issues because raise by single mom.

Considers religion as trash.

Being faithful to one is seen as sign of weakness.

Always has a beta male as an emergency option.

Thinks all female instagram models are threat to her.

Never meets her dad because mom told her he's a bad person.

Uses tinder for free food and starbucks.

Gives a blowjob to drug dealer for getting a special discount.

Gets angry when beta male wont support her child.

UGLY men are visible only after crossing the age of 40.

Sacrifices everything for career but never really has any career.

Has a patron account .

Never pays for alcohol.

Never feels ashamed when taking money from normie.

Searches for meaning of life after the age of 75.

Die's after raising daughters just like her.

More holes are produced.

Super depressed because chad didn't replied.

lost her virginity at 13 to senior.

Had 20+ sex partner but only 2 of them were chad.

Rates other people on various subs to justify her niceness.

Thinks she's gonna age like wine and will reject chad later in life.

Never blames her own genetics because only men are wrong, expect chad

Tinder bio usually says, "Not here for hookups...."

Gets tons of validation from soyboys and betas but not enough.

Participates in social and cultural work only to get in touch with rich chad.

Posts on reddit about love and relationship but turned down 100's of UGLY men.

Jealous of STACY because she got to get fucked by college football team.

Secretly hopes for billionaire CHRISTIAN GREY to fall for her.

Compares herself to her mom who's now in her 4th marriage.

Will never post on weekends because busy searching for TYRONE in bars and clubs.

Will never reject the drink offered by UGLY men but will surely reject him soon the glass in empty

Will be found in r/gonewild to seek validation.

Will bitch about men the entire time unless it's chad.

Sometimes agrees with incels because stacy is getting lots of money just to post on instagram.

Tries many different diets to improve the skin but mostly to brag about it.

Still remembers the times when chad fucked her 5 years ago.

Memory of chad spanking and slapping her is now the benchmark set for other chad.

Mostly starts her comments by, "I am a woman...."

Never fails to insult UGLY guys who approach her but gets super submissive when chad is nearby.

Takes it as a compliment when chad call her "BITCH"

Thinks all men are choosy because chad is choosy as UGLY men are invisible.

Goes to 4chan and calls herself femanon.

Had atleast 5 cats by the age of 30.

Based thread, it was lifefuel when that whore lost her head (almost) LOL. She was very pretty, got life handed on silver platter and still managed to completely fuck it up, she has wierd sexual fetishes, she literally wanted to be murdered with a knife, fucked up whore, she could have married an incel who would have loved her and took care of her but she wanted to cuck a guy who was also mentally ill and he cut her throat, maybe foids will learn a lesson, but doubtful.