Realization VF could have been a LARPing soyboy all along


it is so simple to LARP as a foid
anyone can LARP as a foid.
using fiverr gigs and such tools for a little credibility with images and sound files you can buy for dirt cheap.


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Wasn't WendyAlien a mini-celebrity? I don't think that's the right archetype.

She's just a chick who's looking for some dude to have a relationship with, who probably needs to be kinda naive about women for him to fall for her, given all the baggage she carries.
IDK if that's true, but I meant as in she probably looks for attention and orbiters like Wendy


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Actually, she'd probably settle for a beta, but she's looking in the wrong place for one, since we're just a bunch of youngcels and MGTOWs here. I don't know why it's so hard for her to find (given that there are tons of betas everywhere), except that maybe she needs someone who will accept her weirdness.

I wonder if she's tried Reddit yet. There's gotta be tons of naive chumps ready to wife up a chick who's "different".