What it is that makes the administration of Incels.co kinda Jewish in its technique


Hebephebophilic レイプcel
The Jew is a shape-shifter; one moment he's an oppressed ethnic minority, and another moment he's our "fellow white person". They rely on a certain amount of ambiguity.

It's the same way with the Incels.co leadership. Most of them have never really said what makes them incel. For example, we don't know what Sarge looks like (in contrast, a lot of the guys who got banned, like Zesto and me, have photographs out there).

Anyway, another thing that Jews like to do is gain power and then become arbiters of what falls in one group or the other. So for example, they've effectively ruled by fiat that knajjd is incel enough to hang out there. They've also ruled that Catfishman isn't incel enough.

They can say, "If you don't like our ruling, there are other sites you can go to, but those aren't as popular." This is essentially just an argument to popularity, though; their clout comes from their popularity. No one would care about their opinion if they weren't popular.

But Jews are pretty good at gaining popularity; they get into positions where they're in control of media companies, for instance, and then are in a position to control narratives, since the public looks to the media as their information source about what society's values and norms are at a given moment, so they can conform. Sarge was able to get into a position to lead the incelosphere.

Part of what hinders the goyim is that we're so focused on truth, which constrains our freedom of action. The Jew's willingness to deceive and manipulate, crafting whatever narratives will suit his purposes, and shutting down opposition rather than confronting it honestly, gives him an advantage, up till the point where the goyim finally get fed up.


Using their rabi jews can act as a group.
The rebi can decide who will be in political power. Or which business to boicott、
He can decide thots that dress like sluts should be spat on. Very powerfull ability.


Serge capitalises (well, not literally. Maybe actually...) on creating mainstream platforms for exiled communities. If r/incels had never shut down, .org/.life/.me/.is/.co or whatever it was would never have existed because there was no demand. If .co somehow got taken down, as well as looksmax and the such, then people would probably flock here if they knew about it. I think that's what Zesto was trying to achieve.
Jews rely on guilt to gain favoritism they say oh very we are so oppressed by making up some falsehoods and ignorant liberal fools feel guilt and feel sorry for them and give them every advantage they want, meanwhile us incels who are truly oppressed by society get kicked when we are down by society and bullied and treated like shit. Liberal normies are subhuman vermin, I would love to kidnap a liberal normie and keep them chained in my basement to torture them and treat them badly and give them the treatment they gave me.