Serious When Knajjd sees that the site is on lock down... (aka, why we need to ban some inactive people)


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This could also be when Soijiro purposefully joins up with Knajjd to leak discord logs to bait Zesto into destroying weebcels as a whole.
Naw, he had too much to lose to do that, he could've just turned his back to me like so many others from have but he did everything he could as one final gesture to me.

Yeah, I'm not being baited, anyway. Fuck knajjd, man; that dude's even more of a trainwreck than I am.
If it wasn't for Sojiro we wouldnt've known the extent of his madness.
Knajjd is aways online on every forum, he has nothing better to do, ofc he was involved, disappointed he’s evolved into an asshole.