Why Men and Women Struggle to Understand Each Others' Politics


it's quite simple

Man = want less male competition, want to have more material possessions to attract foids, want to leave a legacy (kids a good country,etc).
Foids = want to fuck chads and don't want to have any consequences , don't give a shit about legacy (will kill the unbron to fuck chad, don't care if the country is destroyed)

so while man will push for nationalism, less immigration and less taxs, to preserve the nation and protect children

foids will want to indirectly slave men trought taxes so she can fuck chads all day, and will support mass immigration to bring foreign chads, and even going to kill her own kids so she can fuck more chads, with little regards if they country is going to be destroyed or future of the childr... blah blah


Nope. If your a business owner and you have workers. You should have to pay taxes for living in that society. I agree though that taxes are wasted on wars etc
lol if you think the business owner will pay it out of his own pocket, and he will just lower the employes salary to give to the gov